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The Be Centsable Smart Teachers Program

As an integral part of The Centsables, Be Centsable Smart answers a need today’s overburdened teachers and parents simply cannot address on their own.

Teachers and home-schooling parents will find everything they need to present practical, engaging lessons that fit smoothly into a busy school day. A comprehensive library of lesson plans reflects guidelines and national standards for personal finance education. Subject matter is broken into Elementary, Middle and Secondary levels, and many lessons are available on multiple levels. All content is reviewed by an educational consultant, who is part of the Be Centsable Smart team.

Every lesson includes a step-by-step presentation, plus supplementary materials such as student activity sheets, answer keys, and display items. All components are ready for download.

Your purchase includes the following topics:

  • ATMs and PINs
  • Personal values
  • Writing a check and keeping a ledger
  • Exchange rates
  • Charity
  • Anti-counterfeiting features in currency
  • Security measures banks use
  • Bullying
  • Identity theft
  • Creating a budget
  • Compound interest
  • Credit cards
  • Making cashless purchases
  • Building a strong credit history
  • The stock market
  • Personal loans
  • Your access to the Teachers website also includes:

    Enrichment Resources Reinforce The Learning

    The Centsables animated TV series offers teachers another powerful teaching tool. Episodes relate to lesson plan topics, and include an informative Quiz Kids segment. Storylines center around the adventures of six lovable superheroes, who spark young viewers’ interest in the financial and prosocial concepts they present. Episodes can be shown during recess, or as part of lessons. Read about our episodes here.

    Comic Book Series

    This 12-book series brings all the TV episodes to “POW”erful page-turning print, with great graphics, plus a bonus factivity mini-lesson in each book. Perfect for distribution during class or as a take-home bonus item.
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