Financial literacy is the key to the success of America’s youth, and society as a whole!

The Centsables financial literacy program

We created The Centsables financial literacy program with one overarching goal: to help kids ages 6-12 develop smart money habits, learn basic economics—and have fun while doing it!

Research shows that financial habits begin to form as young as age 7. Yet financial literacy is not taught in elementary schools, and only 17 states require a class in financial literacy in high school. But now, parents and grandparents can give their youngsters all the tools they need to start building a sound financial foundation, with

At the heart of The Centsables program are six animated superheroes who protect the financial well-being of fellow citizens from a rogues’ gallery of colorful villains, while modeling prosocial behaviors. Every component is designed to entertain as it educates. Program elements include: 13-episode animated TV series, interactive website, comic book series, activity books, lessons, and merchandise.

Since its inception 16 years ago, the proprietary program has garnered numerous honors, including Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award, Parents’ Choice Award, and Moms’ Choice Award.

We channeled these resources into a unique by-subscription-only platform; and now, we are proud to make available to caring parents and grandparents like you, for the first time ever.

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