Don't Let Our Kids And Grandkids Get Left Behind.

The Centsables Financial Literacy Program

Topics Include:
Saving and spending • Budgets • ATMs • How banks work • Writing a check • Investing • Credit • Debit cards • Interest

Research shows that money habits begin to form as young as age 7. Yet financial literacy is not taught in elementary schools, and only a handful of states require a class in financial literacy at any age.

The Centsables initiative was created more than a decade and a half ago, with one overarching goal: to help kids ages 6-12 acquire good money skills. Since its inception the proprietary program has garnered numerous honors, including Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award, Parents’ Choice Award, and Moms’ Choice Award; and it has encouraged countless families to bring financial topics right to the kitchen table.

We channeled these award-winning resources into a unique by-subscription-only platform; and now, we are proud to make Be Centsable Smart available to caring parents and grandparents like you, for the first time ever.

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