Financial literacy is the key to the success of America’s youth, and society as a whole!

Financial Literacy Education Subscription for Kids

Each month, our team of kids’ content creators will put together a kit containing selected activities and prizes.

Here are some of the award-winning materials they’ll be choosing from:


Lights! Cameras! And lots of action! The Centsables are six lovable superheroes who will capture kids’ imaginations as they protect the financial well-being of fellow citizens from a rogues’ gallery of colorful villains. Each Centsables animated episode and corresponding comic book is meant to entertain and spark young viewers’ interest in the financial and prosocial concepts on which each story is based. All episodes include Quiz Kids segments hosted by the Centsables characters. 

Comic Book:

Credi-Tor. The Liquidator. The Bouncing Baby Boy. Nobody can stop The Centsables on their mission to raise kids’ financial IQ. The action-packed comic book series will keep kids turning pages, as the superheroes model making good choices in finance and in life.

Factivity Book:

Every quarter kids will receive one of our Factivity books that include eight mini-lessons, plus game pages, coloring sheets and other ‘fun-ancial’ activities.

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