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Episode Overview

The Audition

A good superhero is hard to find! The Centsables are seeking a recruit to join their team. What they find is a load of trouble. This premiere episode introduces the super-crew and their amazing powers. It also touches on the the ways banks and credit unions keep your assets secure, including vaults, safe deposit boxes, and FDIC insurance.

The Liquidator

This ghoulish green scoundrel has perfected a ray that can reduce things to their cash equivalent…until The Centsables set out to teach him the true value of a person. Episode demonstrates a prosocial message that the most precious commodity – the value of a human being – cannot be measured in money.

Loosed Change

A benevolent botanist develops a serum aimed at helping humanity… but the results are an inhuman monster bent on destroying Centsinnati. This episode is based on the concept of interest, how it is earned and compounded, and why it pays (literally) to keep your money in a bank.

The Great Concert Tix Fix

When a big rock group comes to Centsinnati, a tempestuous tween crosses the line between affection and obsession. Without missing a beat, The Centsables chime in to teach some valuable lessons in supply and demand.

The Bouncing Baby Boy

A mini-mastermind concocts a plot that promises to be a towering threat to the citizens of Centsinnati, until The Centsables pick up the paper trail and settle his accounts. Episode touches on paying by check instead of using cash.

A Tale of Two Toros

It’s double trouble for Centsinnati when a curmudgeonly chameleon decides to change his life. The results threaten the entire city. Episode demonstrates that Identity theft is a threat to everyone, and shows some of the ways thieves can steal personal information.

The Centsinnati 500

Everyone’s revved up about the charity auto race, but a calculating crook is making sure our heroes don’t cross the finish line. But The Centsables put their powers into gear and the good guys finish first! Demonstrates putting money to good use: the ways kids help others, and how sharing money can reap greater rewards than spending it.

Counterfeit Encounter

When bogus bills flood the city, all fingers point to the Bank of Centsinnati. The Centsables must pinpoint the perpetrator before the Bank is forced to close its doors. Episode offers a glimpse into counterfeiting.

The Amulet

When an ancient curse is unleashed by an unsuspecting student, The Centsables face a pharaoh-cious foe, and everyone learns a timely lesson in believing in yourself. Episode focuses on dealing with bullies and building self-esteem.

Credit Catastrophe

Every Centsinnatian has received a credit card in the mail, and The Centsables suspect the too-good-to-be-true offers are the work of diabolical Credi-Tor. Can his good twin, Credit Guard, help our heroes beat the clock on his in-credit-able scheme? A look into the pros and cons of using plastic.

Presto Exchange-O

A royal visitor rekindles thoughts of revenge and ransom in a maniacal magician. But The Centsables have a few tricks up their sleeves, and the disillusioned illusionist ends up with less than he bargained for. Episode gives a basic overview of how exchange rates work.

Attack of the ATMs

The Bank’s money machines have developed minds of their own. With Centsinnati under siege, The Centsables must force the withdrawal of the mechanized menaces before they cause total digital destruction. The episode introduces ATMs and how they work.

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